We at TLC Fire know that fires can be devastating. Starting in an instant it can destroy your business or home in just a few minutes. Fires have unlimited destructive power and kills more people every year than any other force of nature. In South Africa at least 1400 people die in fire-related incidents each year. However, we have much more power over fires than we think and many deaths and property damage can be prevented with the right equipment and training.

  • Are you aware of all possible fire risks at your business or home?
  • Do you have the right equipment for the type of risks you face?
  • Have your employees received proper hands-on training in the safe and effective use of equipment?
  • Do your fire protection measures comply with the requirements of your insurance company?


If not, you might consider acquiring the assistance of a company that specializes in this field. Through many years of experience the staff of TLC Fire is more than equipped to render support in preventing and managing fire risks.

JJ Jacobs - Owner

TLC Fire was established in 2007 initially as a dedicated Occupational Health and Safety service and training provider.

Since then the enterprise has grown and developed into one of the leading SABS approved suppliers, installers and service agents of all types of fire extinguishing equipment in the country.

Apart from fire extinguishing equipment, TLC Fire also provide services relating to smoke detection and fire suppression systems in buildings, vehicles and on thatched roofs. We also maintain sprinkler systems and are the regional office of the All Fire Group A.S.I.B.

The owner and managing member of TLC Fire, Jay Jay Jacobs has more than 50 years experience in the field of fire and safety.

This experience and qualification was obtained through:



In order to achieve the vision of TLC Fire, we endeavour to develop and supply our clients with professional service of a high standard. Reasonable rules and safety procedures are necessary in order to protect employees and the company against losses in the form of production, manpower, equipment and material which can have a financial impact on the company.

Our code of conduct therefore is to guide the employer/employee to a consistent and appropriate manner in accepting the importance of adherence to relevant legislation.


To provide organisations with the guidance and support to comply with the legal requirements of the relevant national building regulations and municipal bylaws and National Road Traffic Act. and SABS standards:

  • Facility inspections and recommendations
  • Legal fire compliance audits
  • Determining the training needs of the clients’ staff / employees and to conduct such training
  • Sales and servicing of fire extinguishing equipment as per SABS standards as we are registered with SAQCC (fire)
  • Conduct training in basic fire fighting with fire extinguishers as well as Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road (Hazchem)