Suppression / Vehicle Suppression Systems


Vehicle fire suppression systems can prevent thousands of rands damage to vehicle. TLC FIRE can install suppression systems on buses and earthmoving equipment.

Manual / Automatic Vehicle Fire Suppression System
Proudly Manufactured in RSA
  How the Firematic system works
Standard cylinder connection left or right orientation
All pneumatic controls self-monitoring all pressure indicators in circuit
Monthly visual checks of hosing and system and test purge with air showing operation of system
Full automatic operation utilising fire detection tubing 100 degree Celsius rating activates the fire suppression system at hazardous areas such as: Turbo, hydraulics, transmission, engine block location
Failure in actuator, hosing or pressure indicators will become instantly detectable
Twin strap mounting, tightening left / right, allows for change of cylinder in minutes
  Engineering specifications
Stored pressure - powder always fluidised in nitrogen, no compaction due to vibration (stored pressure)
Pressure indicators on cylinders and actuators show readiness at all times
Gauge indicators in green sector
Pneumatic release actuator and hose self-monitoring
Dry chemical powder 90MAP
Excellent fire extinguishing for flammable liquids, solids and electrical fires
Red hydraulic fire suppression hose used for easy identification - for fire suppression
JIC system fittings used for standardization
1/2 nozzles with Automatic blow off caps discharging at 180 degree angle
Quick response pressure differential control valve discharge main cylinder
Distribution block distributes 90 MAP dry chemical powder through 1/2 inch red hydraulic hose to nozzles for fire suppression system

Suppression Systems


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